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April 26, 2010

Problems of Eventology

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There has been an interesting, if eliptical, back and forth between myself and one of my favorite internet philosophy minds, Adrian at Immanence. It is my contention that the kinds of dichotomies that invoke fundamental binaries such as Presence and Absence, and its ancestors Subject/Object, Self/World, Self/Other are essentially non-ecological, and as such non-ethical in thought. He hopes to write on greater length about the tension between philosophies of abundance and philosophies of negation, and I look forward to it. Conversation brought on because of volcanos and Herzog, who can beat that?

April 21, 2010

Immanence Passes Through a Virtual Proto-Skin

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Really appreciate the new blog design from Adrian at Immanence. Long one of my favorite intermittent para-academic blogs (he is not so regular a poster as to develop a definite rhythm), the main drawback was that posts were difficult to read and navigate. Looking at it now it is like being opened into a clean, white tundra. Long live the steppe.

(unfortunately, at the moment it does not allow a WordPress login for comments – though it prompts one – but surely this is something to be technically fixed.)

[edit: See Adrian’s comment below for an explanation.]

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