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April 23, 2010

Rex Takes Kyle Wilson – The Deterritorialization Begins

The Jets Draft

I have to say that I was thoroughly pleased with the Jets taking speed and tenacity cornerback Kyle Wilson in yesterday’s first round.  Rex’s defensive non-traditional schemes are predicated on confusion and the shrinking of time-windows, and the rare mental/physical capacity to stay close, pressed to a receiver is paramount to Rex’s postmodern warfare. Instead of a scheme where Greek warrior physical specimens dominate the nominal space (high-priced Achilles ends and outside linebackers), Rex’s scheme trades on complexity. The decisive factor is to increase the number of reads (fold the topological terrain), and shrink the tempo beyond human thresholds. Peyton’s expert shredding of the Jet’s in last years playoffs set the bar for those read-and-react thresholds quite high. If you are going to shrink, pleat and crumple the space to the point of confusion (getting inside the OODA loop), another dynamic corner is needed (not to mention a back up plan if Cromartie leaves next year). While others pleaded for an outside linebacker/end, the traditional solution to the golden ticket of a passrush (the Jet’s recording very few sacks last year), and several excellent options fell to the him at 29,  Ryan elected to intensify the entire field, not unlike wormhole, John Boyd postmodern warfare. The aim is to move as far as possible from the traditions of rank and file clashes that characterized 19th century warefare, from which the template of modern football derives. From a Deleuze perspective: to increase the desire in the field. A strategy that ups the capacity of tactics. How defense literally becomes offense.

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