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April 15, 2010

Death and the Maiden

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We watched Polanski’s Death and the Maiden a few days ago. I had seen it before some years back but I thought my wife would enjoy it. She has a committed interest in prison reform, and images of female recovery and power speak to her. Plus Polanski is a touchstone. Rosemary’s Baby has been a favorite of her’s and our recent viewing if the excellent documentary on Polanksi’s trail on Netflix was a source of a lot of discussion. Last night, before dropping off into sleep, she said that the film kept coming back to her. I suspect that she understood it better than I – as it always seemed quite flawed to me, worth it but flawed. She said that she felt Polanski in that film, the small quiet man whose perversity lays beneath the surface, the boy who lost his mother in the Holocaust. He haunts the film. For me the film is the logical apex of Repulsion, the hard world justification of Deneuve and Farrow’s crazy. Ben Kingsley is a wonderful, underated actor (a hard thing to say because his reputation is that of the underated actor). His last monlogue of torture, human.

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